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"Before training with Malek I was trying EVERYTHING. Diet, meal replacements, you name it and I have probably tried it. After training with Malek for 2+ years, I was able to gain so much confidence in myself, which to me was so important! I felt attractive again, felt more confident and was able to find who I really was through the process, as Malek always says trust the process. Thanks Malek for everything you did for me."
"February, I started a new app with Coach Malek where he puts workout plans in the app for me and I do them in the gym myself. 
I think it's a great app. Thank you Coach Malek for introducing me to a great app and keeping me on my toes with weight training. I'm so happy with who I've become and I feel healthier and happier than ever!
"I wanted to gain muscle really bad, so I went to the local gym and met Malek. Right off the bat I knew we would have fun training together, but did not know how much results would come so quickly. They say Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle is impossible, but Malek helped show me how to do it and I was able to lose 9% Body Fat and gained 5 pounds of lean muscle. Not too bad!"
"I've never been one to post progress pictures in public, but this testimonial from Coach Malek helped a lot. With his help and guidance, over the past 3 months, I've dropped 25 pounds. Aside from the weight loss, my health and confidence are better than ever. As long as your consistent and patient, the results will come! Never quit on your goals and always push for more!"
"I used to be the fat kid back in grade school. In high school I grew into my body but got really skinny because I wasn't eating enough. Malek helped me learn how to eat properly for my goals and helped me realize starving myself wasn't a good idea. After training with Malek, I feel I KNOW my body better and can gain muscle or lose fat when I want.  If you're looking for a Coach, Malek is your man!"
"For the last month and a half I've been on a new diet and workout program. Coach Malek been kicking my butt everyday. I'm not just shaping my body better, but I'm getting super strong without losing the physique of my body. Thank you Coach Malek, you put in so much time with the workout program and diet program. Hit this guy up, he definitely changed my life... not just in working out but sharing a better lifestyle."
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